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homepage imagepH Balanced Approach to pharmacy fulfillment from a solution-driven agency dedicated to success with a commitment that drives operations towards scalable solutions, evolving the business model while gaining momentum; a force of will infused with knowledge and an insatiable thirst for continual improvement; this is PharmHandz. With a solid knowledge foundation, we offer a suite of services  and products to pharmacies and customers that are customized to adapt, evolve and enhance fulfillment across every channel capable of generating a revenue stream. Our dream is to make the world a better place with a high-touch level of care. Our goal is to do everything we possibly can to increase humanity's longevity. Our plan is to increase the quality of the treatments and medications available. Our strategy is to invent solutions that draw us closer to these pursuits. Our mission is to enable products and services to reach consumers in a cost-conscious, earth-friendly, future-sustainable method. Our practice ensures diseases are treated with the best care available and the most effective preventive care is provided to everyone else.

Specialty Pharmacies

With a track record in developing audit-ready regulatory documentation collections and supporting materials, PharmHandz focuses on fine tuning human resource investments converting the training and on-boarding to self-paced, self-guided instructions, and managing existing operations as the transition to a high touch, white glove service occurs seamlessly without affecting business continuity. From website development services to presentation preparation to recruitment facilitation and managing call center standardization. PharmHandz has the tools, the experience, the knowledge, and the resources to give a pharmacy the competitive edge it needs to not only succeed, but also lead and set a new standard.

Recruitment and Job Placement

PharmHandz offers recruitment services for businesses looking to fill their open positions and job placement services for top candidates looking to begin or change their careers. Spanning across the nation, PharmHandz qualifies candidates and employers to match for a healthy, productive, mutually beneficial arrangement focused on career development and business continuity. Finding a great place to work is just as hard as finding great talent. To learn more about the positions available in your area, submit a cover letter with resume by visiting our Be Talent page. Recruiters, organizations & hiring managers looking for talent can visit our Get Talent page. Currently, we have a number of open positions available with more on the way. The current hotspot is independently contracted sales representatives and account managers in a number of states (#1 is Texas). Get in touch for a chance to get your foot in the door of pharmaceutical sales.

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We Are Growing

Our website is fairly new and is being updated over the months to provide a robust resource of all the services available from Pharmhandz Associates. While we update our website, we remain available to answer any questions or complete any sales transactions of our product offerings and services by using the link to the contact form below.

Pharmhandz prides itself on its pH-balanced approach to its clients. Each client of our business is provided the services and products specifically tailored improving their profit margins and increasing their revenue streams. We handle everything necessary to ensure pharmacies remain compliant with all lines of business while stocking their shelves with our expertise. Rather be an entrepreneur than a client? Then check out our pharmacy page to learn more about other options.


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