Full-strength benefits

Even if Part Time

As a PharmHandz Associates employee or contractor, you are empowered to build the flexible career you envision for yourself with the security of a strong benefits package protecting you along the way, such as basic medical and dental insurance. We offer benefits that you will find with most other typical employers in the corporate world.

Our mission is to ensure the PharmHandz representatives, whether contract, full-time, or permanently placed at a client, all feel safe and secure that their best interests are in mind when decisions regarding their health are made by our team.

Among the optional benefits available to employees and contractors of PharmHandz Associates are the following:

  • Medical Plan enrollment
  • Dental Plan enrollment
  • Vision Plan enrollment
  • Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance optional policies
  • Optional Subsidized Supplemental Disability Insurance
  • Flexible Spending and Health Savings Account management


Always available to all employees, contractors, and even in some cases, former employees are the following free services:

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Job & Career Assistance Program
  • Resume building services (some fees may apply)

Non-exempt Exceptions

Additional benefits may be afforded or extended to certain classifications of employees, such as non-exempt full-time hourly permanent employees hired directly under the PharmHandz parent organization as a member of the staff, rather than a resource to clients and projects. Such benefits are made available as dictated by the regulations and laws governing the city and state in which the employee actively works in on a regular basis, or if hired to work remotely, then the city and state in which they reside, regardless of whether they work at their residence or elsewhere.