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October Health Tips – With the change of seasons underway, it helps to be prepared for the changes by supplementing your body’s nutritional intake with a few key items. Being prepared for the winter means adding a layer of clothing as the winds change to cool the upper hemisphere. Internally however, we cannot add a layer of vitamins, so we have to reinforce what we already have with foods that sustain us through the seasons.

Life Gives You Lemons – Surprisingly, lemon juice is a powerful ally when change arises. Whether it be the call of spring and its pollen or the fall of leaves in Autumn, lemon juice helps boost the immune system and clear out any toxins to keep our bodies in peak condition to fight off any alien elements or contaminants. With lime juice containing the same active ingredients to ward off any early intruders, both juices supplement the body with powerful levels of vitamin C and other helpful factors that our bodies thirst for throughout the year. When the change of seasons is upon us, our bodies must have these lifesavers if we are to fend off the elements and stay healthy and active during these times of change.

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As always, eating the fruits and vegetables that flourish during these seasons is also essential. Apples, cherries, and squash for example provide a wide variety of nutritional benefits that help our bodies overcome illness and disease as we transition into the colder months. The less raw a food item is, such as if it’s baked, fried, or boiled, the less nutritional benefits it will provide our body.

That is to say, eating a food in its rawest form is always the healthiest way to eat. Sometimes that is not always feasible, in which case, we should consider avoiding such things as frying or fire roasting our edibles as that will lead to the least nutritional value of the food, and our whole purpose of eating in the first place will be moot.

Eating Organic – Another important factor in staying healthy is avoiding adding unnecessary poisons to our meals. Pesticides and herbicides as well as other chemical additives serve to reduce the nutritional benefits our foods provide us. Instead of absorbing the powerful nutrients and reinforcing our immune response to the elements, our bodies spend more time eliminating the chemicals and poisons of these additives, reducing the effectiveness of the foods and wasting our valuable energy on detoxing rather than healing.

Eating organic or sustainable foods does not have to be a life-altering cosmic event in which we give up all animal products, walk around barefoot, and chew on licorice root until our lips go numb. Organic and vegetarian are not synonymous. You can enjoy grass-fed, organic steaks, organic chicken, and organic dairy food items without stepping anywhere near a vegetable. Of course, vegetables and fruits help, and the ones that naturally harvest in the fall, such as apples or squash, are geared to help us fight off the elements as they approach.