Process Improvement

PharmHandz Associates will evaluate your workflow process from the initial receipt of a prescription medication order and all of the steps that follow in order to get a medication delivered to the patient at the right time.

Your referral sources are counting on your organization to beat the competition to the punch when performing this important task.

If you deliver a fast and accurate turn around time it is a direct positive reflection on the physician’s choice in using your service in the eyes of the patient.

Sadly, the patient is often left out of the loop in the process of obtaining a specialty medication for the first time.


In this industry buzz words such as patient-centric are tossed around like the vials we count their tablets from.

Patient-centric is not just a buzz word it is a culture.

Let us help you place the patient first.

It sounds easy, right?

Let us take your organization through an education process on lean workflow management and communication that will put the patient at the center of the process.

We will teach repetition of good patient practices until they become a habit.


We offer a proprietary workflow solution to in order to meet the needs of both small and large volume pharmacies.

Learn our tried and true methods that allow tasks not requiring the valuable time of your learned intermediary the pharmacist to be performed by a highly skilled support staff.

This allows your pharmacist(s) to focus on the tasks they are required to perform in order to enhance the positive patient experience with your pharmacy.

We also teach the principles of lean management. Although specialty pharmacy is a “high touch” service we offer viable solutions that eliminate unnecessary steps and running the risk of errors and re-work.


We will prepare your staff through our robust training program to handle all situations related to servicing specialty medication clients throughout the fulfillment process.

Each time the prescription order is touched by a team member it takes away from the spread.

Let us show you how to keep cost per prescription below industry standards and inspire your team to surpass greatness.


Work is like a gas. If you don’t control the flow, it tends to fill a room.

Let us examine your current processes for unnecessary steps and engage your leaders in an adventure that will not only teach them how to lead but how to project volume, staff accordingly, and appropriately manage the staff in order to meet the goals of the organization’s long term plans.


Our methods will mold your leaders into a well -oiled machine type of management team.

The overall experience with the PharmHandz process improvement training camp can be career defining for the participants and invaluable to your organization.

A workflow driven suite of technology tools also plays a very important role in producing visibility of where your prescriptions are within the process.

All stakeholders within the organization and outside will at some point require status updates on where ta specialty prescription order is within the process.

Real-time accurate information should be readily available to any staff member, referral source, sales team representative or patient on demand.

Mobile applications and portals eliminate the need for unnecessary phone calls that prevent all players from producing patient oriented results.


We offer viable, cutting edge technology solutions that will “wow” all of your internal and external customers.

Sign up below for a subscription to a weekly commitment of our expert's knowledge shared with your team from 4 to 5 hours every week, using teleconference, video conference, Skype, or even on site for an additional fee to cover travel expenses.

The key management team will be required to actively participate in the program at the agreed to schedule that is planned out with our team directly after purchase.

Packages are available in 6 week subscription lengths, and are renewable within two weeks of completion of the then current cycle, after which the dedicated calendar schedule may be offered to a client on the waiting list, so be sure to renew before the two final weeks of your subscription.

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