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Build a Specialty Pharmacy Sales Team that represents a knowledgebase powerhouse instead of a group of glorified caterers. When our CEO was in the sales field referral sources were happy to see her walk in in the door because she not only offered updates on their patients but offered industry insight and education.

Most busy physician’s offices don’t have the time or resources to keep up with the demands of benefit investigation, prior authorization coordination, appeals and medication administration training,

Most specialty pharmacy sales representatives are hired without knowledge of the medications and related services they are selling. Or the processes involved in getting the right medication at the right time to the chronically ill patient.

Pharm Handz on demand education and certification program will prepare the motivated student in ways that no other specialty pharmacy sales representative in the industry has in their arsenal.

Sign up today and put your sales team to work for you, your referral sources and your bottom line,

  • Increase employee retention and job satisfaction
  • Sales Training specific to Specialty Pharmacy Sales Professionals
  • Immediate impact in an increasingly crowded arena
  • Perfect for specialty pharmacies of all sizes and geographic areas
  • Role playing exercises specific to handling objections
  • Take the courses anywhere/anytime
  • Graduates will have the knowledge base to achieve designation CNRPx in addition to Pharm Handz Specialty Pharmacy Sales certification
  • Some states now require sales representatives to be registered with state board of pharmacy and have completed an approved training course. CNPRx meets this requirement,

See the modules listed below for the one(s) that best suit your organization's needs.


Introductory Courses

  1. Introduction to the Practice of Pharmacy

  2. Introduction to Specialty Pharmacy

  3. Specialty Medications (This course can be general or tailored to fit the medications that your organization dispenses)

  4. Pharmacy Law, Regulations and Standards for Non Pharmacists

  5. Drugs, Dose Forms and Delivery Systems

Pharmacy Basics


  1. Routes of Administration

  2. Basic Pharmaceutical Measurements and Calculations

  3. Dispensing Medications in the Pharmacy Community

  4. The Business of Pharmacy

  5. Extemporaneous Compounding

Introductory Courses & Pharmacy Basics
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Best Practices - Pharmacy

  1. Hospital Pharmacy Practice

  2. Infection Control and Handling of Hazardous Agents

  3. Preparing Sterile Intravenous Products

  4. Medication Safety

  5. Human Relations and Communications

Pharmacy Protocols

  1. Your Future in Pharmacy Practice
  2. Measures and Conversions

  3. Abbreviations

  4. Medical Terminology

  5. Common Prescription Abbreviations

Best Practices & Protocols - Pharmacy
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Sample Page of Training Module The image below is taken right from one of the training modules available for purchase in the take out menus above.