Specialty Pharmacy Consulting

Searching for specialty pharmacy consulting services to help grow your business? The PharmHandz Leadership team includes experts spanning over 40 years of experience and representing a collective background from organizations like Medidata Solutions, AllScripts, CVSCareMark, OptionCare, BioScrip, ASP Cares, West Virginia University, Darden MBA University of Virginia, Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital, Tri State Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and CareSource—to name but a few.

By utilizing our specialty pharmacy consulting services, our clients can expand into a new vertical market or therapeutic area of treatment. Our top industry leaders will advise you on the best practices tailored for your organization, as your learning curve improves from the benefits of our journeys down similar paths in the past.

From specialty pharmacy expansions, build outs, manufacturer drug launches, to many other industry-specific disciplines where knowledge and experience weigh heavily on outcomes, we can provide solutions for organizations of all sizes in all stages of business development.

We take the time to learn about your business and the needs that make it unique, and then help you decide what the next logical step needs to be in order to create a customized program for your brand within the project timelines, scope, and budget to bring your ideas to life.

Our business has been 100 percent referrals since inception, keeping us from expanding in order to meet the high demand of clientele. Starting in the summer of 2018, we will be expanding by offering our products and services on a more available platform, so that customers from all areas can benefit from our knowledge without sitting on a waiting list or waiting for documents to be made available. has been created to make excellence in specialty pharmacy an industry standard.

For this team, the ultimate testament of our value stems from the ability to build and maintain relationships with our customers that grow over time and continue to add value to their lives. Since our relationships are as important to us as the quality we demand of our products and the reputations we stake in our services, our team of dedicated experts make it their top priority to understand obstacles, predict outcomes, forecast revenue streams, and manage patient-centric services in the direction where current industry trends are headed and guide you there along the way.

With integrity as our cornerstone, dedication and commitment as our standards, and transparency and honesty as our trademark, our team of seasoned specialty pharmacy consulting professionals will continually strive to position PharmHandz Associates consulting partners in parallel to your organization to propel your business model with an impeccable level of service excellence and thus achieve exceptional results—all infused with a strong passion and determination towards a new standard in excellence for others in the market to follow behind you!

Whether you need to engage us on a consultancy basis or access our award-winning talent division to uncover full-time or contracted employees, trust the PharmHandz team to create a unique blueprint for your success.Start the conversation with a brief introduction to or take a few minutes to fill out our simple contact form at