3-Month Weekly Leadership Packages

Pharmacy Leadership Solutions

Having the Director of Pharmacy position vacant or underperforming creates challenges in your pharmacy operation for your staffing, your financial performance, your patient care services, your medication management and safety, and your regulatory requirements.

That’s why PharmHandz Consulting Partners offers a portfolio of Pharmacy Leadership Solutions. We design a plan for you, focused on the Director of Pharmacy position and your bottom line, while you maintain control of your pharmacy.

  • Staffing solutions
  • Loaned Pharmacy Executive resources
  • Onsite C-suite Expectation Sessions, followed by an in-depth assessment and analysis of the pharmacy department
  • Written, user-friendly report following the assessment
  • Mentoring and coaching that provides the hospital long-lasting management tools with focus on self-reliance
  • Development of measurable initiatives for operational, clinical and cost savings opportunities
  • Monthly updates and reports detailing progress made on initiatives and performance indicators

Options Available

If you’re interested in improving the profitability of your facilitycontact us today, book a Day Consultation to sample our services and receive a day filled with expert-level input consolidated into an on-site visit and a detailed analysis report shortly after, or select a Leadership package from the list below.

Our Package Deals are built to accommodate the budget of independently owned entities while still delivering high quality service and support at an executive level to build the business model and nurture its gradual expansion across vertical markets.

Weekly Packages

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In addition to the above packages, clients may supplement their weekly packages with one time purchases of extra time should a sudden need arise for a few extra hours added during the week. This feature below is only available to members who are already subscribed to one of the above services. Failure to abide by these rules in an attempt to circumvent our standard pricing structure by visitors who do not subscribe to a weekly service will not be honored and may be refunded unless a connection to a current client is established or identified.

One Time Booster Supplements

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