Day Consultation

Need an expert in specialty or retail pharmacy to perform an audit and review of your business's operations and processes?

Want the insight and wisdom of over 20 years of experience in managing and enhancing the business functions of pharmacies from startups to well-established brand names?

Need a professional, no nonsense summary of the liabilities and obstacles preventing your business from achieving greatness and success and expanding or rising to the next level of operations?

PharmHandz has an expert in all things pharmacy that can quickly diagnose and pinpoint pain points in specialty and retail establishments through a one day audit and review in which all aspects of business operations are carefully scrutinized and evaluated for compliance, profitability, liability, and many other factors to ensure your business model is operating at full efficiency.

After a quick overview of basic system functions, our expert begins evaluating the main procedures that drive your business model towards prescription fulfillment on a regular basis. The lifecycle of the various phases of pharmacy operations is reviewed for compliance with established policies and then analyzed for weaknesses or breaking points preventing revenue streams from achieving maximum profitability.

Human Resource allocation, patient and prescription software applications, formal written work instructions, informal business practices, insurance contract agreements, reimbursement hub agreements, distribution methods, accreditation standards, back office overhead, lean operations improvement, patient relations management, reputation enhancement, prescriber interaction policies, and many other categories are considered in determining the best practices and industry standards that are impacting the bottom line of the business.

We take pharmacy consulting to another level with a detailed report of every single factor influencing the profitability of your organization on top of the standard industry audit most consulting agencies perform to give you a fresh perspective on what is driving your business, and what is driving your business away.

Our team has the experience, the insight, the knowledge, and the background to put your team and organization on track for a successful outcome in a long-term forecast. We have experienced a wide variety of strategies, and we know what works. Let us put our knowledge to work for you and contact us to discuss the first step in getting your pharmacy back on track with a one day audit, which includes a thorough report of every finding and the corrective measures to resolve any issues.

Contact our trained experts in specialty pharmacy and retail pharmacy internal audits at and we'll diagnose the situation and advise on the best course of action towards a speedy resolution so you can gain an accreditation, eliminate operational liabilities, redesign your distribution channels, renegotiate a better reimbursement agreement, or increase referrals to name a few benefits of a one day consultation.

And if you want even more involvement of our specialists, we can offer up to two more additional days at a reduced rate to maximize the value of our services and increase the number of factors we audit or review for your organization. We tailor our consultations to match your requirements and offer real, applicable feedback you can set in motion immediately to improve operations and enhance your market position.