Certification Training

Pharmacy Technician

PharmHandz Consulting Partners offers a proprietary training program for pharmacy technicians that is unsurpassed when it comes to navigating fast track education models that can change lives for the greater good of all the vested parties.

Students who complete the program successfully are fully prepared to sit for the PTCB (Pharmacy Technician Board Certification Examination and after passing the exam bear the designation of CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician). This designation is the gold standard in measuring the knowledge base and competency of today’s pharmacy technician.

We encourage potential candidates to visit ptcb.org and learn more about this third party’s overwhelming positive impact on the practice of pharmacy. Many state boards of pharmacy now require or recognize the need for formal education of staff supporting pharmacists in serving patients and allow CPhTs to reciprocate in order to obtain licensure or registration.

Pharmacy technicians perform a variety of tasks under the direct supervision of a pharmacist that don’t require a pharmacist’s professional input. A nationally certified technician is prepared to offer a high level of support and the roles of these individuals have evolved to increased responsibility, higher wages and job titles for the star performers.

For serious minded students interested in learning about the pharmaceutical sciences and exploring the endless opportunities in this field or whose life circumstances may prevent them from having a traditional college experience this is the program they need in order to propel into the rewarding careers available in the many pharmacy practice settings. Our self -serve training modules and examinations allow the student to set their own learning pace.

The program is organized with a starting and ending point if that is the path the student chooses to take but the logic behind the program allows an advanced or curious or advanced learner to begin their progress at any plot on the map.

For technicians already employed in a pharmacy who have received on job training only this program can be career defining. PharmHandz training modules are the perfect solution to learn the discipline of pharmacy technology and demonstrate to your employer that you are fully competent to perform your job at a level that raises the bar for the pharmacy.

Employers can purchase “out of the box” training for your support staff , The full training package can be purchased that covers the scope of all practice settings, We also offer online support for students and video conferences with a PharmHandz executive to act as instructor, mentor and advocate for the practice of pharmacy.

Visit our store to get started today or call us for more customized training options. This is a service that is often over looked by employers and their organizations suffer for not requiring all support staff to complete a program and become certified.  Anyone who makes the commitment to this type of education will certainly reap great rewards!

Start by selecting one of the modules available on the Education on Demand Online Courses page.