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Enrollment Forms (PDFs)

Enrollment forms (available in the Online Store) are an essential part of any successful pharmacy or specialty pharmacy sales strategy. PharmHandz provides professional grade forms made with Adobe Acrobat Professional software to ensure the deliverable is presented with a polished, professional touch and the proper branding to represent your pharmacy.

PharmHandz offers two options for creating enrollment forms for pharmacies.

  1. Print-ready forms are created for prescribers who will print out and fax, mail, or deliver the enrollment forms to the pharmacy without filling them out online.
  2. eForms are created as Print-ready forms then transformed into electronically-transmittable online enrollment forms that prescribers can complete on their computers and submit electronically or print out and follow the Print-ready process for submission.

Both styles of forms are carefully designed to offer a personalized, professional presentation of document for recipients to fill out.

Select the type of form you desire from the choices available during checkout, then submit the instructions, requirements, samples, templates, notes, previous versions, or drafts via email to from the email address you enter during checkout. Once checkout is complete, an enrollment form expert will retrieve the email request, review the details and instructions provided, and draft your document for you in record time. Changes, updates, or revisions are provided free of charge for 72 hours following the completion and delivery of the completed form by our experts.

Make sure to carefully review your document and request any changes immediately, so we can make any necessary corrections right away and provide a final copy you are completely satisfied with.

To have one of the enrollment forms available for sale in the Online Store customized to match your business's requirements, simply fill out the form below, submit payment, and somebody from our staff will have your request fulfilled to your satisfaction in record time. We take pride in our work and deliver excellence as a by product of our efforts.

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Service is offered in a turn around time of under 24 hours with a typical completion time of about 4-6 hours from purchase during normal business hours if all necessary materials are submitted to the correct email address as instructed and the requester is available to answer questions during that time. Failure to respond to inquiries or requests for clarification regarding work orders may delay the expected delivery time of the completed form.