Privacy Policy

Pharmhandz Associates prides itself on a strict policy of absolute privacy for its patients, partners, and website visitors.

Pharmhandz will never track or record any information without the other party’s consent, except as necessary to run the business of Pharmhandz.

Pharmhandz will never under any circumstance share, sell, reveal, or disclose any personal or HIPAA-protected information about anybody under any circumstances, except when doing so will save their life or the life of someone they love. Even in that case, Pharmhandz will first get the written permission and/or consent of that party per federal law and regulations for HIPAA compliance.

It is the belief of Pharmhandz Associates that privacy is paramount in this day and age, and under no circumstances will HIPAA rights be violated for any reason.

Aside from that, privacy rights will also be strictly maintained and never shared with any third parties for any reason.

If someone wants your personal information, they’ll have to find it somewhere else, because Pharmhandz believes in every person’s right to privacy, no matter what.