Accreditation assures your patients that you have met certain standards and can provide consistent high quality care. Not to mention that insurance companies may require at least one, sometimes two, accreditations to enter into their network.Applying for board accreditation can be daunting, tedious, and overwhelming. The entire process can take up to a year, from start to finish. Consider securing your investment with our accreditation preparation services.

PharmHandz will rigorously audit, test, review, evaluate, and improve any areas that might get flagged by an accreditation agency to ensure your pharmacy meets and exceeds their qualifications.

Contact us directly to discuss the accreditation process and how we can get your organization certified with one of the many different accrediting bodies available in the industry.



Below you can you purchase a one week dedicated intensive of our whole staff to focus solely on preparing, updating, and organizing your organization for an accreditation from one of the below agencies. We make sure every single item on their checklist is marked off as complete on ours, so you pass your accreditation evaluation the first time around. Once complete, you will need to email us with the contact information of your regulatory affairs specialist and your website developer. If you do not have a dedidated regulatory expert on staff, then provide the contact information of whoever is the one creating the rules that other employees follow. For websites, if you outsource your website to a third party, then include their contact information. We will help facilitate communications with any third parties you have retained to ensure our consulting efforts are efficiently managed once the dedicated week of accreditation consulting has begun. Please be aware these rates are for retaining PharmHandz on a remote basis, and the PIC and Executive Team will need to be available, off hours is often requested and has always been approved, to answer questions, explain existing practices, approve and sign off on quality internal documents, and refer and authorize employees to interview about key aspects of their roles that relate to the accreditation requested.

PharmHandz dedicates full services for a full work week with the team at full force all hours of the day and night until your organization is fully prepared for accreditation. When you sign on with us to get accredited, we get you accredited. Be prepared for an intense week of enhancements, improvements, and updates as the team swings into full force from the first day and captures every detail to ensure a maximum ROI and effective engagement for an optimal outcome.

Services include a full team of dedicated experts for one week of consulting services as well as a manual on preparing for our consulting services the two weeks preceding the dedicated week and guidelines on the processes we implement to achieve success, so your questions will be answered before they are asked. Please Note: In some cases, you may only have a week or less to prepare for our consultation week unless a later week is selected, and the manual should be reviewed upon receipt to avoid any delays or interruptions in our services.

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